Penis Casting Copy Kit In The Movie Neighbors

Seth Rogen  and Zac Efron starred in the movie NEIGHBORS. This box office hit has a special interest with all of us here at Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kits. Why you ask? It is because they used a penis casting kit as a very funny part in their movie. Yes, they all made dildos of themselves to sell on their College Campus.

The part of this story line we need to point out was that it showed what can happen to you when NOT using our brand of high quality, PATENTED, and trouble free in-home penis duplicating system.

1. It made a mess when attempting to use their small tube and impression material to get their mold.

2. It ripped the hair of some poor guys private parts when the solution hardened.

NO WORRIES when it comes to using our Penis Casting Kit.

No need to shave before using it. Our unique Positioning End Cap allows only your penis to go into the tube in order to capture it's shape and size. The alginate we use to capture your impression will NEVER rip anything from your body.

It stays soft, spongy, and flexible, so... do not be afraid.

Ours is the only tube with a PATENTED POUR SPOUT which enables you to stand up and fill the tube with the Impression Material while your penis is inside. You can regulate the amount you need instead of "smashing" a full cylinder of goo against your body and letting the extra spill out... everywhere.

Ours is the only one with a PATENTED ANGLE ADJUSTER END CAP which allows just the penis to go into the tube in order to create the impression. Hair is held back and a clean seal is created against your body to keep the wet Impression Material in the tube instead of on the floor all around you.  It also will help you to keep the penis away from the sides of the tube when capturing the 3D image. (Only 3 min is needed for the "print" to be made)

The end result is clear.

NO, there is no need to be concerned about dangers you may encounter when making a copy of your penis with Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kits.

YES, with our penis casting system you can easily create a dildo that vibrates with a handle or suction cup base and is completely waterproof. 

YES it is fun to show off a copy of your penis with all of the amazing detail that makes you...YOU!! 

Order your kit today and be the star of your own movie!