Here you will find Brick and Mortar Locations that may be in your area so you can buy the Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kit right off the shelf.

(This is an optional list so even if you do not see the store in your area they may still carry us.)

No waiting for a delivery... immediate gratification can be yours!

Check out our Color Blast Brite-Blend Selections and Natural Skin Tones along with more included options than any other casting kit you can find.

When you pick the Ultra Kit that is right for you, shop these fine locations for some other items to complete the playtime fantasy.

**** Interested in selling Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kits at your retail  location or special event? Our product will bring in the extra revenue you desire. Contact us today and become a registered vendor. ****

--Shown here, our free-standing floor display with completed "live"example (It Vibrates!).--

  (Stands over 6ft. tall with 12x12 base. Holds up to 21 kits.)

rack-topper-edit.jpg e-mail-today-.jpgstore-displays.jpg

Also available, Compact Wall Display (Peg Board or Slot Wall), holds 7 kits.

We have just made it easier to join our "Worldwide Casting Community!"

(This section will populate as Vendors jump in and enjoy the fun!)