--- Mission Statement --- Copy Me Kits

--- Mission Statement --- Copy Me Kits

Here at A3C Worldwide, we are always on the lookout for the most interesting products to associate with our brand.


Our Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kit is the pinnacle product that has involved years of research in the active in-home penis casting market. After sales worldwide from companies attempting to duplicate this concept in the U.K., Australia, Germany, and right here in the U.S., we have developed  the COMPLETE PACKAGE, or as we call it, the ULTRA KIT that the buying public has been asking for.


R.J. Daniels, our company president, has been interviewed by Penthouse, Y-Not, and A.V.N. Magazine about how this idea came about before being introduced on the world stage, and the new ideas he has introduced into this product.


A3C co-founder Eddie Mack, has been a long time friend of R.J.'s since they grew up on the same block together, and has been involved with the original concept right through to today.


Together they now roll out this NEWEST version that will prove to eclipse any other penis casting kit available. More included options such as 3 styles, HANDLE GRIP or  SUCTION CUP BASES and our 5 inch VIBRATING WAND INSERTS.

Colors from Natural Skin Tones to Brilliant "Color blast" selections that will not fade over time, complete our unique line of products.


Every Ultra kit contains a WATERPROOF Remote Control Vibrator and has a Satin Draw String Storage Pouch for your masterpiece to be stored in after you are done playing.


Our NEW FAST ACTING MOLD CAPTURE MIX can get your PENIS IMPRINT in as little as 2 minutes. (Other kits can take up to 5). The patented procedure and high-quality materials selected make this Penis Casting Ultra Kit as much fun to make as it is to use!


R.J. & Eddie Mack always had a vision for this company...

"It is our intention to bring together quality, sexually fun & erotic products for singles and couples to enjoy.

People need to unwind and decompress from the stress of day-to-day living.'


"We hope www.copymekits.com will be a go-to place where people frequently shop for top quality adult products.

We strive to make this site a source of entertainment, information, and enjoyment for all who enter."


"We Deliver Your Sexual Fantasies Discreetly To Your Door"


Eddie Mack / R.J.  Daniels


Contact - R.J. Daniels - attrjdaniels@copymekits.com

Contact - Eddie Mack - atteddiemack@copymekits.com

Main Office - 631- 887- 6598



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