Mold Capture Impression Mix for Copy Me! Products - 3 Bag Alginate Refill 5oz. Each

Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kit
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Copy Me! Fast Acting Mold Capture Mix - This is our Alginate Powder that makes the negative imprint of your penis. It is to be used only with the Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kit Collection.

It also includes a Thermometer for the correct mixing temperature & Compression Ring to maintain size.


After adding 3 cups of 90 degree water to one package and mixing thoroughly for 60 sec., it is poured into our patented casting cylinder through the opening on top with your erect penis inside.                                                      9g.jpg   9i.jpg  9r.jpg  10e.jpg

The mixture surrounds the penis and in 2 - 3 minutes the imprint is made.

10h.jpg  10l.jpg

Now you are ready to fill this imprinted mold with our uniquely colored, Silicone Rubber and choice of Vibrating Handle Grip, Suction Cup Base or Vibrating Wand Insert.

This order is for only the Fast Acting Mold Capture Mix. Silicone Rubber, and all other parts described can be purchased separately or in one complete Ultra Kit.


 If you so desire, each bag of Mold Capture Mix can create 1 additional imprint of your penis so you may create additional dildo replicas of your favorite male member.

If making more than one copy, additional Silicone Rubber will be needed to cast each penis copy.

The Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kit contains 1 jar of Silicone Rubber.


(All sizes require only 1 bag of Molding Mix.)


Additional jars can be purchased on our refill page.


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    Won't Use Any Other Home Kits!

    Posted by RandMan on 24th Dec 2019

    I have used other kits and they simply are not as good. Also none of them have the XXL Options that stack up!