Gift Bags by Copy Me! FREE WITH EVERY KIT!! (Random colors)

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These High Gloss Gift Bags with matching Rope Handles are the "finishing touch" when you want to present a truly thoughtful and unique gift.

They are a perfect fit for our Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kit packaging so they can be carried into a party, out in a crowd, or to an intimate rendezvous without anyone knowing what is inside until opened.

A large selection of colors will give you the opportunity to express all the fun waiting inside.

Imagine the look on their face when they take it out.

EVERYONE loves a gift that's wrapped!


Bags measure: 5 x 31/2 x 131/4

Your Copy Me! Kit will fit perfectly in these bags so nobody can see what you have until you take it out!! 

There is a huge selection to choose from... start planning stimulating fun for you and your partner right now! 


Gift Bags by Copy Me! FREE WITH EVERY KIT!! (Random colors)

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