The only PATENTED PENIS CASTING KIT sold worldwide

The only PATENTED PENIS CASTING KIT sold worldwide

Penis Casting Kits have notched out their place on the world stage for not only the ADULT SEX TOY market but also in the artistic world of LIFECASTING.

There has always been an appreciation for the human form.

A replica of your favorite penis that vibrates can spark conversation, inspire togetherness and sexy fun for couples and give you a unique perspective of your own equipment. It has, up to now, only been seen up close by your partners but never by you! (Unless you are double jointed. That alone can open the door to entertainment that we are not discussing here.)

Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kits have taken the time to properly explore the best medical grade materials and put them together in an In-Home Dildo Making Kit that brings hours of joy to couples.

"Fun to create the imprint and mold of your favorite penis and then to actually use it for play" has been described as an AWESOME experience by many!

Those that are curious as to the creation of an art piece that is unique to themselves find the Copy Me! In-Home Kits a helpful way to display their manhood in 3-D excellence.

Keep it with you. Take it out to show your friends. Use it to make NEW FRIENDS. All of this would never be possible without Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kits.

True there are now other companies that try to sponge off of the reputation we have made for ourselves.

Those others use inferior materials that will break, fade, fail & create a poor copy of the penis you know and love.

Not our words. Words of unhappy customers that come to us to ask what the difference is between our quality In-Home casting kit collection and the ones that have let them down in the past. Those companies state that they are the same as our product, but for a cheaper price.

Cheaper, inexpensive, bargain basement products are just that. DO NOT waste your money on them.

Always remember... be careful where you decide to stick your penis! The surprise may not be a good one.

Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kits are the only PATENTED Penis Copy Kits sold worldwide.

We have a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from. HANDLE GRIP & SUCTION CUP BASES or 5-inch WIGGLE WAND INSERTS ensure you will find the right copy kit for you on our site,

All of our casting kits are 100%waterproof, so they can be properly cleaned between uses or used UNDERWATER if that is where your fantasy takes you.

Copy Me! stands behind our products. You will not be disappointed. We are here to answer questions to assist you in creating the best penis copy you can buy.

We also have replacement parts for all of our kits in the event you need them.

You can watch our how-to videos on the web. (Penis Casting Molding Copy Kit Instructions Made Easy By Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kit - YouTube) so you are sure about the penis casting process before you buy.

You can be confident that with Copy Me!, you have a product that is #1 in VALUE, #1 in QUALITY, #1 in FEEL & DURABILITY.

We love what we do, and you will love it too!

Become a CAST MEMBER today... Welcome to our worldwide casting community!