Sexual Enhancers (pills, lotions) M.D. Science Lab

These are products brought to you by M.D. Science Lab. They all are top sellers for a reason... their products are really good! 

MAX SIZE :26                MAX TESTOSTERONE 4:45        SWISS NAVY SILICONE 10:40               SWISS NAVY TOY & BODY CLEANER 14:40        

MAX STAMINA 1:55      MAX DESIRE 5:50                       SWISS NAVY WATER BASE 11:42        SWISS NAVY 2in1 16:15                 

MAX LOAD 2:33             MAX SIZE CREAM 7:27              SWISS NAVY FLAVORS 12:50               SWISS NAVY MASSAGE CREAM 20:45        

MAX HARD 3:55             VIVA CREAM 8:50                      SWISS NAVY ALL NATURAL 13:40       SWISS NAVY MASTURBATION CREAM 20:46

                                     Products in order as they appear in this video with time stamp.


If you ever had a question about any of these products you will find the answer in this video shot at a sales convention at the M.D. Science Lab Booth. (These people are right on point with what they do!)